So is coal great again or what?Early last year, President Donald Trump signed an executive order reversing the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan.

He told the assembled coal miners that the move promised boom times ahead Although developing countries are not required to take on emission reduction commitments, undertaking climate change mitigation and assessment could provide In order to improve the understanding of the potential for mitigation effort in the country, it is important to describe the technical resources used in the mitigation .

Behold the facts:Jobs gained, jobs lost: Total U.

6 percent last year, with most new coal jobs added in Virginia and West Virginia. But preliminary federal data obtained by Reuters shows that nearly two-thirds of coal-producing states reported coal job losses, including Ohio, Kentucky, Montana, Wyoming, and Texas.

Closure ahead: About half of the gains in coal jobs will be wiped out if the 4 West Mine in Pennsylvania closes this summer as scheduled, laying off around 400 coal workers.

Coal jobs near historic low: Some 50,000 people work in the coal industry, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics 11 Dec 2017 - Our skilled writers can write good PowerPoint presentations for all levels of education such as High school presentations, College presentations and If you don't know how to make PowerPoint presentation assigned by How to get a climate change powerpoint presentation Freshman Business Vancouver..

That’s roughly one-third of what it was in the late ’80s. More miner deaths: Last year saw 15 workplace-related coal worker deaths, an increase from nine in 2016.

Demand still sliding: Thanks to the usual suspects of cheap natural gas and falling costs for solar and wind power, old coal plants are getting less competitive, and U. One year after Trump was sworn in, his dreams of rolling back environmental policies have come true.

But his promise to bring back coal is another story.

Climate change hits businesses where it hurts: their wallets …not to be confused with mitigation. Mitigation - Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in order to slow or stop global climate change, i.e. using the car less, flying less and buying local food. Adaptation - Adjusting to the impacts of climate change to reduce the negative impacts and exploit any opportunities, i.e. building sea .

Out of 10 major threats to business in 2018, climate-related risks took slots 1 (extreme weather events), 2 (natural disasters), 5 (failure of climate change mitigation), and 7 (human-made environmental disasters) — outranking issues like terrorism, number 8. The forum ordered the risks by asking experts and companies to assess the likelihood of each risk.

In one vast, terrifying web, the report shows that environmental changes are linked to societal risks. Biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse, for example, are linked to the spread of infectious diseases and food crises.

That’s the part of the report the authors seem to be most concerned about: the interconnectedness of all of these issues. “When risk cascades through a complex system, the danger is not of incremental damage but of ‘runaway collapse,'” the report says.

Scared yet?Business interests are winning out over science under Trump 24 May 2010 - CLIMATE CHANGE AND YOU. 23. www.epa.gov/climatechange Carbon Dioxide in Earth's atmosphere has risen by about 30% since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Most of the increase is due to the when not in use.

  • Get in the habit of turning lights and appliances off..

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    Federal science advisory committees met fewer times in 2017 than in any year since the government started tracking them in 1997. Fewer experts serve on these committees at the Department of Energy, Department of Commerce, and the EPA than at any time in the past 20 years.

    Some related news: In an interview with CBS correspondent Major Garrett, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said he wants to “partner” with industry. When asked whether his philosophy was to protect the environment or protect business, Pruitt responded, “Well, it’s neither.

    ” That’s coming from the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, folks. Meanwhile, a photographer for the Department of Energy alleges he was fired for taking this photo of Secretary Rick Perry in a warm embrace with coal baron Robert E.

    Climate change - adaptation scotland

    “We can’t afford to let these policies be based purely on politics or lobbying by powerful industries.

    ”DIY internet is helping remote communities track local climate changes The essential science behind Climate Change – for students and teachers. Two Adelie penguins stand atop Put simply – climate tells you what clothes to buy but weather tells you what clothes to wear. Climate change happens The evidence for this comes from many sources – see slide 17. Fossil fuels are the remains .

    The town of Rigolet, in remote Newfoundland, has its own app — it’s called eNuk. Among other things, it tracks the climate conditions that can make travel on thinning sea ice highways and hunting paths dangerous for residents.

    (The Arctic is warming at an alarming rate, and disappearing sea ice imperils traditional knowledge and lifestyles Climate Change, and the Scientific Process. Let's review last week: sometimes Venus, Earth and Mars are called the Goldilocks planets. Compare these Three: Venus. Earth. Mars. Temp at surface. 880 F. 59 F. -58 F. Pressure at surface. ~ 90 atmospheres. 1 atmosphere. (14.7 lbs/sq in). 0.007 atmospheres. Atmosphere .

    )But the app doesn’t work very well without internet, and that is a slow and sparse commodity in Rigolet, as Motherboard reports.

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    It uses something called “mesh networking,” a decentralized way to extend internet access into far-flung regions by turning every receiver (your computer or smartphone) into a transmitter (connecting to other computers). Put enough devices together in one place and, voil , you have a mini-internet.

    RightMesh has other bells and whistles — blockchain! broadband trading! — but basically it’s getting the internet to places where big ISPs haven’t gotten much foothold. And that makes it a lot easier to share information in uncertain times.

    Lots of popular climate change articles aren’t totally credible, scientists say.

    Some of these articles are sensationalized very nearly to the point of inaccuracy Potential impacts of climate change on coastal zones; Examples of technologies for adaptation; Integrated coastal zone management. NON-CLIMATE Climate factor. FIRST-ORDER EFFECTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE. Changed occurrence of storm flooding and damage. Regional variation. Storm frequency. Increased .

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    Of those, only 11 were rated as credible, meaning they contained no major inaccuracies. The remaining nine, including New York Magazine’s viral “The Uninhabitable Earth,” were found to have low or very low credibility. However, even the top-rated articles were noted as somewhat misleading.

    ) “We see a lot of inaccurate stories,” Emmanuel Vincent, a research scientist at the University of California and the founder of Climate Feedback, told Grist.

    and has recently published articles in peer-reviewed journals.

    Vincent says that the New York Times and Washington Post are the two main sources that Climate Feedback has found “consistently publish information that is accurate and influential Where to buy an climate change powerpoint presentation Academic Harvard 28 pages / 7700 words original. | 13.12.2017| 134| 173 Order custom climate change powerpoint presentation 109 pages / 29975 words 10 days US Letter Size original. | 09.12.2017| 147| 351 .

    ” (He notes that Grist’s “Ice Apocalypse” by Eric Holthaus also made the credibility cut. )“You need to find the line between being catchy and interesting without overstepping what the science can support,” he says.